5 Benefits of Invisalign

While there’s no arguing the results, traditional teeth alignment with braces has plenty of room for improvement. The metallic appearance of conventional braces can strike a blow to many teens, just as they’re developing concern for their appearance. Older patients might need to worry about credibility at work, when others regard you less seriously, simply because of your braces. 

Perhaps you feel your decision to have your teeth straightened is no one’s business but your own. These are all valid considerations, and it’s for patients like you that Kerry M. Bloom, D.D.S. offers the Invisalign® teeth alignment system, the most discreet and convenient way to straighten your teeth. 

Why choose Invisalign over conventional orthodontic treatment? It doesn’t come down to a single reason. Your teeth will be straight and look great, no matter which treatment option you choose. However, there are no less than five very good reasons to consider Invisalign over regular braces. 

1. They’re invisible

The invisalign system didn’t get its name by accident. The specially formulated SmartTrack® material is transparent, and each Invisalign aligner tray is completely clear. Since a close fit is essential for moving your teeth into their final positions, most people will never know you’re straightening your teeth. There’s no concern about the metallic appearance of conventional braces and wires, and no scraping of the insides of your mouth as you speak or chew. 

2. You can take them out

When it’s time to eat, you simply pop your Invisalign aligner out, enjoy what you’re eating, clean your teeth, then put the aligner tray back in. It’s that easy. Of course, for best results, you need to wear your trays as recommended, usually from 20 to 22 hours a day, even while you sleep. The gentle pressure that your sequence of trays provide needs time to work its magic. The more you wear them, the faster your treatment goes. 

3. Your results are predictable

Want to know how your teeth will line up after your treatment is done? No problem! The iTero Element® scanner creates digital images of your teeth as they are now, and Dr. Bloom plans your treatment with the assistance of computer software. You can “see” your end results before receiving your first set of aligners. Better still, the pen-sized iTero Element scanner frees you from the uncomfortable dental mold process. 

4. Fewer lifestyle changes

Wearing permanent braces means you need to be careful about the foods you eat, so that you  don’t break the cement bond between braces and teeth. You’ve also got plenty more nooks and crannies to trap food particles when you wear braces. Eating and cleaning become critical to the success of your teeth alignment process. While cleanliness is still crucial with Invisalign, it’s much easier, since the trays are out when you eat. Your normal oral hygiene regimen continues, and there’s no need to choose foods based on your teeth alignment method. 

5. They’re fast

Invisalign aligner trays fit your teeth for about two weeks, before you move to the next sequence, provided you’ve been wearing the trays 20 to 22 hours a day. Total treatment time with the Invisalign system typically takes between 12 and 18 months. Compare that with conventional braces, which may take up to five years. 

Find out if you’re a candidate for the Invisalign system by contacting Dr. Bloom and his team, Invisalign specialists in Houston. One call is all it takes to start the progression to an even, aligned smile, so book your appointment now. 

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