Brighten Your Smile This Year With Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening, Dr. Kerry M. Bloom

The new year offers everyone a new start, a new chance to make plans and set goals for the next 12 months. If you’re like most people, at least one of your goals probably has something to do with improving the way you look or feel about yourself. And one of the best ways to make that resolution come true is to make sure your smile looks amazing.

It’s true — having a great-looking smile doesn’t just improve the way you look; it also improves the way you feel about yourself. When you know your smile looks great, you can’t help but feel more attractive and more self-confident. And those are benefits that can have a “ripple” effect throughout every area of your life: at work, at home and in social situations.

Of course, even the most diligent brusher can still wind up with yellowed, stained or dull-looking teeth. That just goes along with years of eating and drinking foods and beverages with deep pigments, like coffee, tea, red wine, tomato products and spices. If you smoke or use any type of tobacco product, stains are pretty much a guarantee. Age and lifestyle habits, including missed dental cleanings, can also take a toll, and sometimes, it’s your genetics that makes your teeth more permeable and therefore more prone to staining. The good news is, Dr. Bloom can help you get rid of stains and yellowing, turning dingy, dull-looking teeth into the dazzling smile you’re looking for. And he can do it all in just one office visit, with the Zoom® whitening system.

Whiter teeth with Zoom professional whitening

The Zoom system uses state-of-the-art whitening solutions designed to lift away years of stains from the tooth enamel and from the deeper layers of dentin, where many stains “hide.” Zoom treatments take just about an hour, and just a single treatment can get your teeth up to eight shades whiter. That means you can have your treatment in the morning or afternoon and look great when you go out that same evening.

Treatment begins with application of a special sealant designed to keep the whitening solution off your gums, so the risks of irritation and sensitivity are greatly reduced. Next, Dr. Bloom places the whitening solution on each tooth, taking special care to make sure the surfaces are completely and evenly covered. A special lip guard may be used to hold your lips away from your teeth to prevent the solution from being wiped away.

Once the solution is applied, Dr. Bloom uses an LED lamp to shine a bright light on your teeth. The light helps the active ingredients penetrate the deeper layers of your teeth to help remove more stains and provide greater whitening. During treatment, the whitening solution will be reapplied to make sure you get the best results. After treatment is complete, Dr. Bloom applies a second solution to protect your enamel and minimize sensitivity. You can expect your results to last from 12 to 18 months, and you can extend your results using Zoom’s take-home kits for touch-ups in between professional treatments.

Zoom vs. over-the-counter whitening products

While some over-the-counter products like strips and pastes can get rid of some amount of yellowing, they can’t provide the same dramatic results as professional whitening with the Zoom system. Plus, when you have your teeth whitened professionally, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your treatment is being customized specifically for your needs and for the results you’re looking for. And of course, Zoom’s special sealant means professional in-office whitening won’t make your teeth super-sensitive like over-the-counter products can.

A brighter new year with a brighter new smile

Scheduling a professional teeth whitening treatment is one thing you can do this month that can have a positive impact on your life for the rest of the year — and beyond. To learn more about professional teeth whitening treatments and how they can improve the way your smile looks or to schedule a whitening appointment or checkup, contact the practice today.

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