Get the Smile You've Always Dreamed of With Invisalign®

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Invisalign® is a popular and effective orthodontic treatment offered by Kerry M. Bloom, DDS, and our experienced team in Houston, Texas. When you want straighter teeth without traditional metal braces, consider Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic system used to straighten teeth. Instead of metal braces and rubber bands, Invisalign uses custom-made, plastic aligners that gradually move your teeth over time.

You won’t have to worry about getting cut by metal or having food stuck in your braces every time you eat. It’s a discreet way for adults and older teens to get the smile of their dreams.

How does it work?

Before you start treatment with Invisalign, Dr. Bloom takes 3D images of your teeth with special equipment. You can see the simulated results and choose the look you want to achieve. Based on what you pick, Dr. Bloom creates your treatment plan. Typically, treatment lasts about 18 months, but may go up to two years depending on how much realignment is needed.

You’ll wear the set of custom-made aligners for about 22 hours a day and come into the office every 4-6 weeks for a quick checkup. You won’t have any uncomfortable tightening appointments, as with traditional metal braces.

You can remove the aligners to brush and floss your teeth, which is essential to maintaining your oral health. You can even remove the aligners to eat or drink. After two or three weeks, you wear a new set of aligners until eventually, you reach the end of your treatment.

The benefits of Invisalign

The benefits of Invisalign over conventional braces are many, but the most popular benefits are:

More than what you see in the mirror

Of course, you’ll have the smile you’ve always dreamed of with Invisalign, but the benefits go much deeper than looks. You may find you have more self-confidence and are more outgoing. You may even start getting out more and expanding your social circle.

Also, when your teeth are straighter, you have a healthier mouth. Dental conditions like crooked teeth, gaps, crowding, or bite problems will be fixed. This means you’ll have a lower risk of developing more severe problems down the road like gum disease, tooth decay, and bone loss.

If you’re thinking about getting Invisalign, now’s the perfect time to come in for a consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact Us today to make an appointment.

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