Professional vs. Home Teeth-Whitening

If you think an attractive smile is a social asset, 99.7% of the population agrees with you. It’s no wonder that the teeth whitening industry sees $11 billion in activity every year. Your smile is a big part of the way the world perceives you. Teeth whitening is one of the most requested services at dentist offices around the country, including Dr. Kerry Bloom’s practice in Houston, TX. 

You’ve got plenty of choices. Home care products include special toothpastes and home whitening kits. Virtually anyone could start a teeth whitening regimen today. However, when you want the best results, it can get confusing. Should you use a variety of products or just one? Is this dentist’s whitening better than that one’s? It’s easy to get confused.

Over-the-counter whitening

You can often get whiter teeth by using commercially available, over-the-counter products. Whitening toothpastes and rinses won’t offer you dramatic changes, but they may be helpful to maintain or slightly improve your current teeth brightness.

Products like whitening strips are more effective, though their coverage is usually only six teeth, top and bottom. They can be clumsy and cumbersome to use. Home teeth bleaching kits can sometimes be hit or miss, depending on the bleaching agent, its strength, and how old it is, since some products can deteriorate with time.

Even the best of these offer rather limited improvement in whiteness, and all over-the-counter products require multiple applications. Any product promising instant results with home care is making suspect claims.

In-office whitening

The standard of care for dramatic teeth whitening results takes a trip to the dentist’s office. Dr. Kerry M. Bloom and his team are teeth whitening specialists, proud to offer the Zoom!® whitening system to their patients. Zoom! is representative of dentist office whitening techniques that offer lightning-fast whitening levels beyond any result you can get at home.

The secret is in the strength of the teeth bleaching agents. The chemical solutions available to Dr. Bloom for clinical use are much more concentrated than those you can purchase in grocery or drug stores. Office whitening products are potentially dangerous in the hands of people without adequate training. Therefore, commercial products must be weaker to improve safety. While it’s difficult to misuse over-the-counter products, it’s also difficult to get professional results.

The Zoom! system

You can choose whitening up to eight shades brighter than your teeth are now with the Zoom! system. It combines a bleaching gel with a light activator, applied in several steps during your one hour appointment, before applying a finishing gel that minimizes sensitivity and protects tooth enamel.

The Zoom! system also offers follow-up care with custom bleach trays and products that are safe for home touch-ups. You can expect 12 to 18 months of superior whiteness with Zoom! dental office treatments. Individual results vary and depend on lifestyle habits such as coffee drinking and smoking, which may cause premature tooth staining.

Contact Dr. Bloom’s Houston office at 713-581-8033 to book your Zoom! whitening appointment. You’re just an hour away from making a brighter impression. 

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