Same-Day Crowns Can Transform Your Smile

It’s hardly news that computers have revolutionized many aspects of contemporary life. The revolution continues as technologies evolve, interact, and refine to the point where new applications emerge, spurring on the development cycle even further. Digital 3-D imaging is a catalyst for change in the field of dentistry.

Dental crowns once required a minimum of two appointments, days or weeks waiting for the crown’s manufacture, all while wearing a temporary crown. Houston dentist Kerry M. Bloom DDS specializes in dental crowns and he’s pleased to offer CEREC same-day crowns to his patients. Call the office to find out if you could benefit from dental crowns.

Freedom from molds

Anyone who has endured the traditional teeth impression mold process remembers having their mouth filled with clunky trays filled with sticky alginate, waiting for it to harden enough for removal. It’s an uncomfortable and claustrophobic experience.

This process is now done with digital scanning and 3-D image construction for a much more accurate representation of your teeth, without the error factors that old-style dental impressions introduced. Better still, the digital scanner is about the size of a pen, so it’s easy to tolerate compared to impression trays.

The CEREC crown

Because the photographic image of your teeth is digital, it serves as the basis for computer-controlled manufacturing of your custom dental crown. The process is called CEREC – chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramic.

Dr. Bloom designs a virtual crown on a computer, built around your digital tooth impression. This design converts to a series of instructions for a milling machine in Dr. Bloom’s office. Your crown is milled right there, while you wait. No temporary fillings and no weeks of waiting for manufacture.

Advantages of same-day crowns

Preparing for a same-day crown already improves the experience, but that’s not the only advantage. Few people argue that one dentist appointment is better than two, for the same work. There’s less time off, so you don’t have the secondary expense of lost earnings while you’re away from work.

Temporary crowns don’t always fit well. They can come loose while you’re waiting for conventional crown manufacture, putting the tooth beneath at risk, and causing you a third appointment to complete a single crown.

Caring for your same-day crown

Your dental care routine won’t change since you treat your crown as you would your other teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss once, and maintain regular dental checkups with Dr. Bloom and his team, to assure the condition of your crown.

You’ll need to take care with hard foods. Ceramic crowns aren’t as durable as the metal and porcelain crowns made in conventional dental labs, so in some cases, traditional crowns may be a better option, such as when cracks extend below the gumline.

As with many dental procedures, you have options when it comes to choosing a crown. Contact Dr. Bloom’s office to arrange your consultation. He’ll help you make the best choice to assure you have years of happy, healthy smiles.

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