Waking Up With Headaches? You May Need a Night Guard

Do you often awaken in the morning with a headache and don’t know why? Maybe you need to check inside your mouth, because you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep. You can do extensive damage during the night and not even know it until you see teeth that have chips or fractures.

Here at Kerry M. Bloom, DDS, in Houston, we offer this suggestion. A night guard can end the grinding.

Dr. Bloom makes occlusal nightguards to keep your teeth safe and prevent you from getting that morning headache. Because the mouthpieces are customized and take into account jaw movement and other individual factors, they’re much better than the standard, over-the-counter brands. Our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the night, and that the night guard is effective and helps solve the problem.

The causes of bruxism / teeth grinding

Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding. This can happen while you’re sleeping or occur randomly and throughout the day. Other symptoms may include jaw and neck pain, chipped, broken, or loose teeth, and worn enamel.

Some of the causes of bruxism are:

Over 15% of Americans suffer from TMJ, which refers to issues with the temporomandibular joints in your jaws, and could cause problems with chewing, swallowing or speaking. Dr. Bloom checks your jaws for tenderness and clicking sounds. Having a night guard can also help treat issues involving TMJ.

The benefits of a custom night guard

Episodes of teeth grinding can start while you’re asleep, but they can also wake you up throughout the night. A good night’s sleep is essential to good health, and not getting enough rest, and then waking up with a headache besides, is never a great way to start your day. A night guard will stop you from rubbing and grinding your teeth together.

Needless to say, if a night guard doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable, it’s not as likely to provide relief. It merely adds to the causes of not getting restful sleep. Dr. Bloom and our team take precise molds of your teeth and account for proper alignment of your jaws when we make each individual guard. It will be soft, comfortable, long-lasting, and fit correctly.

We always do a thorough exam, whether it’s for your regular cleaning and checkup, or for the night guard fitting. If we notice your bite is off, or if you’ve actually changed the shape of your teeth because of the grinding, we can fix those issues.

Especially if TMJ is a main culprit, we might need to teach you some jaw exercises and prescribe some medication in addition to the night guard.

Let us help you get rid of those morning headaches and stop you from grinding your teeth with a customized night guard. Call us to set up an appointment now.

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