Which Type of Cosmetic Dentistry is Right for You?

While regular dental checkups keep you ahead of tartar buildup, cavities, and gum disease, there’s more to a brilliant smile than simple maintenance. In many cases, natural teeth aren’t “Hollywood perfect.” That can take additional work, but your dentist, Kerry M. Bloom, DDS here in Houston, is also the man to see when you want cosmetic enhancements to your smile.

Any procedure that addresses the appearance of your teeth is considered cosmetic dentistry. This could include repair work to easily visible teeth, or it may be a treatment that focuses entirely on a tooth’s appearance. Everyone’s needs and tastes are different, so every cosmetic dental treatment plan is customized for you. Contact Dr. Bloom’s office to find out more about cosmetic procedures that may be right for you.

Teeth whitening

The $11 billion spent annually gives some insight into the priority that many Americans give to a bright, white smile. One reason that many consider cosmetic dentistry is the confidence that a great smile gives them, and white teeth make an immediate impression. Teeth whitening treatments can be done at home or a dentist’s office, but there’s no comparison when it comes to the effectiveness of whitening performed by Dr. Bloom and his team.

Dental bleaches can cause damage to your teeth when used incorrectly, so the strength of over-the-counter whitening solutions must be limited to prevent errors that can harm your teeth. Dental professionals receive advanced training on whitening systems, so with that knowledge and experience on hand, stronger bleaching solutions are safely handled. Dr. Bloom uses and recommends the Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening System.

Dental veneers

Dentist office whitening is perhaps the quickest way to a whiter smile, but sometimes you may have other flaws that need more than simple brightening. Dental veneers are thin caps made of porcelain or other materials that not only give you precisely the shade of white you want, they can also fill moderate gaps and alignment issues. Veneers cover some chips and cracks, adding strength to teeth that might otherwise be at risk of further damage.

Dental crowns

Acting as a cap for the entire tooth, not simply one surface, crowns perform many of the same tasks as veneers. Crowns are often recommended after root canals or extensive fillings to restore a tooth’s appearance and hold it together over the long term.

Tooth restorations

Both dental bridges and implants can fill spaces left by lost teeth. Bridges usually fasten around existing teeth, with either a removable support or attached to a crown. Implants come closest to replicating a natural tooth, with both prosthetic crowns and roots. Implants are quickly becoming the standard of care for tooth replacement, filling unsightly gaps in your smile.

These are just some of the cosmetic procedures Dr. Bloom offers. You can now have fillings that match your tooth’s appearance, rather than a metallic amalgam filling, and bonding, inlays, and onlays all add to the treatment palette that keeps your smile shining. Contact Kerry M. Bloom, DDS at 713-581-8033 to arrange your exam and consultation today.

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