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If you’re looking to straighten your teeth but want to avoid having a mouth full of metal, Invisalign® treatment might be right for you. Dr. Kerry M. Bloom and his team help people living in Houston, Texas, and around the world achieve demonstrable teeth straightening results. Call or go online today to find out more.

Invisalign® Q & A

What is Invisalign?

Used by more than four million people around the world, Invisalign® is an FDA-approved treatment.

Dr. Bloom and his team provide you with custom-made, plastic, and clear aligners that you’ll have to wear throughout the day. Progressively, you’ll start noticing results.

These aligners are made off-site, shipped to certified providers like Dr. Bloom, and should be replaced every two weeks.

Invisalign is a metal-free alternative to braces, which means no cuts and less pain.

Is Invisalign more effective than braces?

It’s hard to tell whether one is better than the other because Invisalign is distinct from standard braces in two ways:  

  • Visibility and comfort: The aligners are rounded and made specifically for your mouth, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your lips on the rough surface of a brace or about those infamous tightening rubber bands.
  • Usage flexibility: You can remove your aligners whenever you want, though you should follow Dr. Bloom and his team’s instructions. Removing them makes it easier to chew foods that could otherwise damage regular braces, like candy, carrots, or apples.

How does it work?  

Dr. Bloom and his team make sure that your Invisalign treatment is precisely what you are looking for. That’s why they present you with multiple treatment options.

Using the top-notch 3D digital scanner, iTera, Dr. Bloom and his team take 3D images of your teeth to digitally map the projected result of the treatment. You’ll be able to choose the result you want before starting the treatment.

With over 40 years of experience taking scans, Dr. Bloom and his team will make sure you understand the details of the procedure. Once you’ve chosen your treatment, you’ll be given aligners to wear anywhere from 20-22 hours a day.

*Individual results may vary

How long does the treatment last?

Because it’s personalized, the length of treatment varies from patient-to-patient. Dr. Bloom and his team give you an estimate once you’ve chosen your Invisalign treatment. Treatment typically lasts up to 18 months.

You can opt out of metal braces. Contact Dr. Bloom and his team today via phone or online to learn more about what your Invisalign options are.

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