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Many men and women will need minor oral surgery at some point in their life. As one of few local dentists providing complete care and advanced general dentistry services, Kerry M. Bloom, DDS, offers minor oral surgical procedures at his personal practice in Houston, Texas. On-site oral surgery is not only convenient; it saves you the time and effort of finding an outside specialist. To schedule a consultation regarding an extraction, biopsy, implant, or other procedure, call or click today.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is the branch of dentistry dealing with a wide variety of mouth and jaw conditions requiring surgical intervention. Dr. Bloom’s advanced training and four decades of experience help him diagnose and treat many of these oral conditions with safe and innovative in-office surgical procedures. Dr. Bloom and his team ensure you are always comfortable and pain-free during oral surgery and throughout your recovery.

What are oral surgery procedures?

Some of the most common minor oral surgery procedures Dr. Bloom performs include:

  • Biopsies: During a biopsy, Dr. Bloom takes a small sample of oral tissue or an abnormal growth to be sent to an outside lab for testing. He forms a treatment plan based on the results of your biopsy. He may remove it or recommend managing it medically.
  • Dental implants: Dental implants replace teeth lost to injury or disease; they are an alternative to bridges or dentures. Implants are durable substitutes for your tooth roots, which Dr. Bloom anchors into the jawbone to stabilize an artificial tooth.
  • Tooth extraction: Dr. Bloom removes diseased, damaged, nonfunctional, or poorly positioned teeth with oral surgery. In some cases, extractions are necessary to prepare for orthodontic treatment. After an extraction, a blood clot fills in the empty space left by the missing tooth, and soft tissue begins to grow within the gums.

What does oral surgery involve? Is it painful?

As with every dental procedure, Dr. Bloom discusses the risks, benefits, and alternatives to all available treatments. If your treatment plan involves oral surgery, Dr. Bloom explains your procedure in detail, including the best way to prepare for surgery, what’s involved in the surgery itself, and how to care for yourself at home and encourage the healing process.

Minor oral surgery is performed in the office, under the close supervision of Dr. Bloom and his staff. Dr. Bloom administers local or general anesthesia to prevent you from feeling any discomfort during the procedure. Patient comfort is always a priority at Kerry M. Bloom, DDS.

To schedule a consultation regarding extraction, dental implants, or other types of oral surgery, call Kerry M. Bloom, DDS, today or use the convenient online booking system.

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